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Sleep Deprivation Is a National Crisis. Let’s Not Waste a Good Crisis!

21 Mar , 2016  

Published in Huffington Post, 3/21/16 – Seattle Public Schools is the largest urban district to shift to later start times for teens. This also means earlier start times for elementary schools. A seemingly simple flip creates logistical challenges that are deterring other districts from doing what’s right for teens. But it can also lead to […]

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Donald, Give it a Rest!

7 Mar , 2016  

Published in Huffington Post, 3/7/16 – Donald Trump says he only sleeps three to four hours per night. That could explain everything. At the risk of politicizing this issue it may be the only way to get it any attention these days. I was going to post a third blog on Seattle Public School’s shift […]

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Is Sleep Worth the Price?

20 Feb , 2016  

sleepy teens

Published in Huffington Post, 2/20/16 – With so much research showing that teens need more sleep why aren’t all school districts switching to later start times? Some say it costs too much, but does it really? In my last post on this topic I pointed out that the US spends over $1billion on standardized testing, […]


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Sleep is Essential for Effective Education Reform

12 Feb , 2016  

teen sleeping

Published in Huffington Post, 2/12/16 – In the US we spend over a billion dollars a year on standardized testing for the purpose of improving public education. Reauthorization of ESSA isn’t likely to change this since the testing is still required. Standardized testing drives standardized curricula and standardized pacing. The obvious reason this isn’t diminishing […]


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