Sharon Peaslee

One thing is uncertainly clear… 

And it’s about where we’re headed. As a bleeding heart creative professional I’m inspired by dangerously good ideas. So I see much opportunity in these crazy times. The entire world and all our endeavors have gone virtual. When a new normal emerges, much will stay virtual. It keeps us out of traffic and gives us much more flexibility.

As a producer, director, writer, designer I see endless possibilities. The web is the world of ever expanding ways to connect, engage, and do anything the human brain can conceive of.

As an educator hurled abruptly into online teaching I’m loving the learning curve which exactly resembles a roller coaster. I want to get good at this and balance it with a rebuild of my production company. I’m planning a few new websites while also preparing for a year of teaching that will look unlike any we’ve experienced before.

One should never waste a good crisis.  Whatever new normal is over the horizon will be of our own making. I embrace the huge opportunity we have to enhance learning with technology. The worst thing we can do is go back to the the old normal. Once we’ve figured out how to use devices to hook and engage students it won’t make any sense to try to take them away. Nor will it be possible. The same holds for the rest of the world and so much of what we do online.

I bring decades of creative work to teaching. And teaching is teaching me a great deal. That being said, I miss producing, writing, and designing. The next new normal isn’t at all obvious, but it promises to be a fascinating hybridized whatever.