resumePic-3Welcome to my home base. I’m a bleeding heart creative professional, inspired primarily by dangerously good ideas. Four years on Seattle School Board gave me the amazing opportunity to move a few forward, and to deeply understand how much work and collaboration it takes.  There’s nothing more demanding or satisfying.

I continue this work through my company Flying Lula Productions. It reflects decades of experience producing, writing and directing TV and videos, as well as website design and content development.  This is my ongoing way of getting behind dangerously good ideas, and taking them to the streets.

Social media has turned marketing into very personal interactions, requiring new strategies and skills. Entertainment and marketing come together perfectly in web videos. Now campaigns can go viral. Likes and friends are neuronal sparks and connections throughout cyberspace, which is really just the human superbrain that we’ve created and dynamically sustain.  We’re all a part of it.

Marketing within this domain is affordable and fast.  It gives activists, artists and innovative startups endless ways to promote their dangerously good ideas. Partner with people who have the skills and creative chops and you can make just about anything happen. That’s what Flying Lula is all about.

When I’m not doing this work I’m writing and illustrating a series of children’s books. Whenever possible I’m chilling with my almost-grown-up children, dogs, extended family and friends. If weather permits I’m out kayaking.  

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