Oh give us a break and give sleep a chance!

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It’s hot potato time for teen sleep in Seattle.

The Families and Education Levy Oversight Committee voted 4-3 in favor of recommending that the City of Seattle fund the shift to two start times. In other words they passed the potato or the buck or whatever you want to call it.  They could have covered it with their under-spend F&E Levy dollars, but somehow decided that they shouldn’t and the City should.

That means it’s up to YOU and ME to persuade the City to dig into the school speed zone violation pot, which is around $14million and give Seattle Public Schools the $2.3m it needs to shift to two start times instead of three.

Note that the initial agreement on this school speed zone violation fund is that some of the money would go to help Seattle Public Schools with transportation safety. Note also that the 8:00 am start time for elementary students was a recommendation of the Seattle School Traffic Safety Committee which is a City committee. Note the connection. It is safer for kids to walk to school in daylight. This would apply to teens as well as younger students. It’s also safer for teens to walk to school if they’re wide awake and not half asleep. It’s also better for their overall health, safety and well-being if they’re going to school wide awake, with fully functioning brains.

It’s urgently important that you send emails to key people listed below in support of using school speed zone violation funds to cover the one time cost of shifting to two start times next year.

If we do NOT shift to two tiers, next year start times will be 10 minutes earlier for all students, and end times will be ten minutes later. First tier will still be too early for elementary students and third tier will still be too late for everyone.

Please ACT NOW and send the following message to the Seattle School Board and City Council Members. For greater impact please personalize with your own spin and subject line. (Email addresses are listed below.)

Dear Seattle City Council and Board Directors,

Please make the health, safety, and well-being of our students highest priority and shift to two start times next school year. I want our children to be able to get adequate sleep so that they can walk safely to and from school; and succeed in all respects.

I support the use of funds from speed zone violations to cover one time funding of $2.3m to help SPS implement a district-wide two-tier bus schedule in the 2017-18 school year. I hope you will vote in support of this initiative.

Thank you,

Seattle parent

Send your email to these addresses:,,,,,,,,,,

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