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Flying Lula Productions

Flying Lula Productions

Flying Lula Productions is my company.  We produce videos and websites that promote brands, businesses, non-profits and artists. Our approach is collaborative and strategic. We work with the client to either develop or support an integrated marketing campaign that connects social and traditional media.

I have decades of experience writing, producing and directing videos and TV programs for Fortune 500s, ad agencies, non-profits and creatives. In recent years I’ve been building websites and creating their content.

Social media has turned marketing on its head and the possibilities are increasingly endless. Flying Lula is agile, adaptive and daring. I can work as a team leader or a team player, depending on the project, its scope and budget.

As a seasoned producer I can rapidly assemble a production crew and deliver beautiful broadcast quality work. I can also work as a freelance writer, producer, and/or web designer bringing a high level of marketing strategy to any project. On smaller projects I can perform many production functions and give you a great deal of creative bang for your buck.

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