Sharon Peaslee

And thanks for dropping by.  At the moment, I’m teaching and focused on how to make remote learning work for high school students. Decades of producing, directing and writing have given me many tools, but creativity is always the driving force. 

Covid 19 has left us with no choice but to innovate and bring on all manner of hybridized learning. In the past, teachers struggled to get students off their devices. Now we don’t have to. We need to use their earbuds and screens to educate. It helps to realize that students are constantly  learning new applications — as fast as they can wrap their brains around them. 

We just need to link their devices to what we want to teach. There are so many ways to do this that really engage students. Whatever works will empower them to learn with at least some of the gusto and pleasure they bring to gaming and social media. I’m highly energized by the possibilities and will soon be reactivating my production company to tie in with all of this.


strategy mandela


Know your goals and who you're trying to reach. Know where and when they're online. Connect, engage, and satisfy some of their needs and wants. Then optimize with feedback and metrics. That's the essence of strategy.

design mandala


Design communicates at a glance. If it's effective people get it. Who you are and what you're about. Graphics, website, and production should be designed to work together to give the experience of your brand.

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Video is the driving force of social media content, and it's never been more affordable. There are no limits, and anything goes. It's all about hitting the right nerve. A brilliant creative concept always helps.

"I have known and worked with Sharon for over 25 years. During that time she has shown exceptional creativity, dedication and responsibility. She delivers her projects on time, under budget and with flair. She is a joy to work with. Without exception, I recommend her."

Tim Hawthorne
Founder & past Chairman at Hawthorne Direct

"Sharon is is bright, articulate, professional, intelligent, creative-- with extraordinary communication skills in writing, live presentations and produced media. She is both an inspired collaborator and team leader. Beyond skills, capacities, abilities and education, though she shines in each of these, Sharon has a great heart, is a naturally eager learner and a patient, gifted teacher. She lifts all she is around simply by who she is and how she conducts herself. Bring her into your organization and feel the accompanying rush of intelligence, accomplishment and a little more light and positivity."

John Lee
former CEO of Entertainment Business Group and current co-managing Director of Simple Little Stories

"Sharon Peaslee is a superb documentary filmmaker and a passionate advocate for social justice. I have had the good fortune to work with her on the documentaries, KELLY'S LOT and CERTIFIABLY JONATHAN. She is a gifted writer, has a great eye, and inspires those who work with her to do their best. I am eager to collaborate with her in the future."

Jim Pasternak
film director/teacher and former co-founder of Rogue Dreams Entertainment

"I have known Sharon for many years and have worked with her on many direct response television productions. She is an extremely talented and creative writer with a great sense of what works. When you find a writer with her talents hire her fast before the competition does."

Lee Frederiksen
former CEO of Frederiksen Group, co-founder of Health Innovations; current Managing Partner, Strategist and Growth Expert at Hinge

"Sharon was a whip smart educational colleague during my tenure on the Seattle School Board. She approached all problems with a data based point of view, and was willing to work with all to make the right decisions for students. Her intuitive and analytical methods were of great value to the entire board and district. Her passion for finding a solution to any and all problems, and doing the "right thing" by the community at large served the city of Seattle well."

Kay Smith Blum
CEO of Butch-Blum, Inc and former Seattle School Board President

"I highly recommend working with Sharon Peaslee. She came through on every aspect of our projects and worked very hard. She is a complete professional and brings a fun and engaging attitude to what she does."

Kelly Zirbes
founder and lead singer of Kelly's Lot

"I worked with Sharon on several long-form infomercial projects and always found her to be a creative writer and skilled producer/director. She's highly professional, with a wonderful, collaborative temperament. I highly recommend her and always enjoy working with her. "

Larry De Leon
former VP and General Manager of Tyee Productions; current Managing Director of Enventys Video
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